It’s safe and warm in Mulder’s coat !!

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My top favorite pictures of them???



Because how is this photo even real.

There are actually not many photos of them looking so unhappy in such close proximity and I cherish the few we have.

This is one of the first and only photos I had of them saved on my computer back in the day and I have really weird feelings about it. Like, I used to look at it before I learned about their shit, and when I thought they must be some sort of acting magicians that made Mulder and Scully come to life via their perfectly open and friendly costarry affection towards one another a la every other pair of successful costars ever. How innocent I was!

I know it is really Mulder and Scully but for me this is almost The Photo. This is the “workable working relationship” photo, the “relationship of reliance” photo, the “we don’t socialize” photo, and the “save it for the camera” photo all rolled into one. Madness shared by two.

Two insanely gorgeous people form ranks, grim and battle-ready.

I love the inverted power dynamic of this, especially given when it was taken. The vulnerability of his head tucked under her chin, his ear on her breastbone. Her posture is more rigid and her eyes look challenging, but his are calm and safe.

I can exactly recall the feeling of disbelief I felt upon first seeing this photo. Heady times, 2008.

I can stare at this one for even longer than the ones where they’re touching.

ok so sue me

Truly one of my long, long term faves. The perfect indifference. I mean you can’t buy it.

Trying to come up with a caption. Trying.

The perfect “after” photo. David is wearily, cheerfully over it and Gillian triumphant.

And finally, this one is such so sweet and casual, I like to keep it on my phone and pretend that, um, other people would too.



"Agent Scully, are you all right? You’re squirming, is something the matter?"

"N-no sir, I’m fine. Please continue…”

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rough sketch of my new favorite character Rustin Cohle from True Detective. I’m tying out Illustrator to see if i like it, but so far it just seems complicated. Anyone got tips or should I stick with PS??

Please tell me what you think, I need all the tips I can get. I know his proportions are a little odd, (especially the eyeballs.) I’m just starting to make an effort into art again, and i’m way out of practice, especially in the digital format. 

anyyyyyway, i think this is it for now, it was fun sketching around trying something new. 


Damnit x files!

i’ve come to a point in the show where everything hurts and nothing is ok?

and i needed to draw things to comfort myself? >_>;;;

i just want everyone to be happy? <_<;;;

everything is uncertain so everything is a question? >_>;;;

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Both commissions for mkhunterz of her fic Tramps Like Us~

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More just stunning Sam and Dean artwork from the incredible Lasakura! <33

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Maybe this is what Cain saw: hellfire in the eyes.  

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